The Farm/Brewery

Crossroads Farm started in 1985 as an organic vegetable farm. As Ma and Pa Tilley diligently brought their bounty into town to sell at farmers markets each Saturday, demand for their wonderful produce grew, as did their acreage under production. Farming food for their community was and continues to be the motivating force behind their persistence.

8 years ago, when the boys moved back home to continue farming the family land, it became apparent that growing food and drink was something that should be done. Hops and a variety of brewing herbs were planted to supply the upcoming farmhouse brewery and start the process of the passing the farm to the next generation.

Today, Agrarian Ales is producing world-class ales from hops and herbs grown on-site, as well as grains and other ingredients direct from our neighboring farmers. As Crossroads and Agrarian continue to flourish, the farm will expand to grow and process all grains and herbs on-site to create the only true estate brewery in the state, maybe the country.

Cheers to your local farmer!