• Hop vines climbing to the sky
  • Year-round farmhouse enjoyment

    Even in the winter, our outdoor tasting room is cozy and comfortable…

    Year-round farmhouse enjoyment
  • Direct From Farm to Glass

    Hop farmers and brewers Nathan Tilley and Tobias Schock grow what they brew. And when they can’t grow it they choose only the finest ingredients from neighboring farmers to go into all Agrarian beers.

    Direct From Farm to Glass
  • Crossroads Farm

    Home of the Tilley Family and Agrarian Ales Brewery and Tasting Room, Crossroads Farm specializes in growing and utilizing chile peppers. With a product line ranging from fresh jalapenos and roasted poblanos to smoked guajillo powder and cherry bomb mash, it’s a good thing there is a brewery on site to quench that heat!

    Crossroads Farm
  • Agrarian Hop Harvest Festival

    An annual community gathering to assure an abundance of Agrarian Ales for the future! Farms like ours need their communities’ support, and their hop picking hands, to survive.

    Agrarian Hop Harvest Festival
  • Wood Fired Pizza All Weekend

    Housemade herbed crust, farm-direct toppings, baked in our wood-fired cobb oven…

    Wood Fired Pizza All Weekend
  • Taste the Difference – A True Seasonal Brewery

    Estate-grown hops, organic grains, fruits, and vegetables, a hand-built farmhouse brewery…the results are ever-new and unique offerings that delight the spirit and inspire the soul.

    Taste the Difference – A True Seasonal Brewery

Welcome to Agrarian Ales!

Harvest is Here!

August 22,23,24,29,30,31…… Noon to 10pm2014 poster front

The weekend that identifies Agrarian Ales as a  farm brewery has arrived. It seems only yesterday during chilly spring mornings that we watched the first of the hop rhizomes break through the fertile earth. As the hops grew this year they experienced a very warm summer which has them ready to be plucked off the vine and jump into our mugs!

This special harvest weekend will only make the sunshine beer guzzeling days more memorable, where we ask YOU to come out and be a farmer for a day. Our 2 acres of hops are all hand harvested, ensuring the highest quality hops. So come get your hands in our beer, and help us bring in the harvest.

Our Seasonal Farm Menu for the weekend is all about PIG. We sourced a (very) humanly raised Yorkshire Hog from Mosaic Farm in Philomath, our own Ian took it from there, where it has been roasting for 24 hours in the earth here at the farm. We will be pulling the hog out at 4pm (ish) on Friday the 22nd and serve for the rest of the week on pizza’s, sandwiches and tacos.

Cob Oven Pizza
Our own house made pizza dough is topped with a variety of seasonal produce creating such names as The Bounty or Verde for the vegetarian options, we use Deck Family Farm Pepperoni with pickeled onion as our farm version for the pizza classic and of course we will highlight our own Pulled Pork on its own pizza, prices range $10-$13
Picnic Table Tacos
Can’t say pork without thinking of juicy Carnitas. We will serve up some simple pork or vegetable tacos served with Crossroad Farm Pico de Gallo

Hummus Plate
Hunton Farms in Junction City had a wonderful harvest of garbanzo beans this year, so farm chef Ben Hoffmann decided to whip up a creamy hummus dusted with Crossroads Farm smoked paprika powder, surrounded by fresh produce, including carrots, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers, in addition to our warm wood-fired pita:  $8

Clairvoyant Gazpacho

Another creation from chef Ben to utilize our current harvest, the gazpacho is a blend of San Marzano tomatoes, gypsy peppers, cucumber, white onion, and a touch of Clairvoyance, one of our tart wheat summer ales infused with fresh Clary Sage.  This bowl of soup will cool you down instantly on a bright summer day, and coupled with a breeze and a beer, well…you’ll know:  $6

Check out the rest of the farm menu and come enjoy a nice meal in the sunshine with live music in the air.                     

Check our beer list to see what you can expect for summer refreshment all weekend long.

Tasting Room Open EVERY WEEKEND

  • Fridays 3pm to 8pm
  • Saturdays 3pm to 8pm
  • Sundays Noon to 8pm

Wood-fired pizzas are on the menu ALL WEEKEND at the farm.  Come taste Lane County’s bounty of fresh food available to us.  We have our own house-made herbed crust, sauces, and a variety of tasty toppings from local farms and our own cellar.

Check the calendar to the left for live music out at the farm.  Bring the kids and the dogs and come enjoy the slow life for the weekend.

Lane County Farmers’ Market

  • Saturdays 9am to 3pm

Grab a pint while you take a break from shopping for fresh produce.  We bring more than a few options representing the best of our seasonal offerings.  Both of our new hats are available, and don’t forget to bring your Agrarian Growler or Growlita to exchange for a fresh one to take some beer home. 

On Tap All Over Oregon

Check out the growing list of restaurants, taphouses and growler fill stations pouring our beer. 

Agrarian in Town

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