Dear Friends and Neighbors,

      On Friday February 23 two Lane County officials arrived unannounced at our brewery.  At the close of the official business week and the beginning of our busy weekend, these officials were delivering a message: after five years of operation the county had revised its interpretation of our business, and we were no longer permitted to allow the public under the overhang of our building.  When advised of the impact that this action would have on our business the county officials offered no leniency or clear course of corrective action. Because of the timing of their visit, we had no recourse; all offices were closed, all officials who could work with us on solving this problem were off for their weekend.  They were effectively shutting us down.


Many craft beer patrons are familiar with the four basic ingredients of beer: water, malt, yeast, and hops. Interestingly, the final ingredient in the list, hops, has not always been a given component of beer as it is today.

Learn more about the role Hops play in beer, how that role has changed over time and what Agrarian does to get their hops in your glass. 

It is a thrilling milestone for Agrarian to be providing Field Bier beyond our farm in classic 16 ounce “stubby” bottles. Since the very beginning, Field Bier has been a staple at our farmhouse brewery, pleasantly tempering the endless enthusiasm that comes with growing beer in the beautiful Willamette valley.

Many people want to know what separates these popular beers. Turns out, the answer isn't as simple as you'd expect.

Agrarian Hop Farm Ales... Ales from a hop farm indeed! With 15 hop varieties we create a diverse beerscape of historical and whimsical ales that capture the essence of each cultivar we have chosen to raise. To capture that essence at its peak we harvest, dry, bale, and store all our hops on site. Learn more about our Hop process!

The world of Agrarian kettle sour beer in bottles has arrived! We are poised and excited to announce our brilliantly tart sour line-up showcasing: red plums, Montmorency cherries, spruce tips, and a pumpernickel-esque interplay of rye and honey. 

Agrarian Ales Coming Soon!