Regular Hours: OPEN Friday 3-9pm  Saturday 12-9pm Sunday 12-9pm

Food Trucks: Fri-Sammitch / Sat-Sammitch & Cheviot Sheep Farms / Sun- Cheviot Sheep Farms


   Agrarian Ales is a year-round operation: farming, harvesting, brewing, barrel aging, bottling, distributing, and servicing our community and beyond at our tasting room.

   As it stands right now, we are strictly an outdoor venue - the county will not let us let you under what was our tasting room roof for the last 5 years. We could not have anticipated this sudden bureaucratic shift necessitating our building a new tap room structure, and we have no budget for this unanticipated operational upheaval.

   You support us by gathering at the farm on warm, pleasant days. Now we need your help, please support us with your contribution to our Kickstarter Campaign so you can gather at the farm in any weather.

   It is vitally important to get the momentum of this project started now if we are to reach a point of sustaining our primary revenue stream into the change of season after this spring and summer.

Hidden within our brewery's walls exists a room kept at a precise 74 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, without exception. This simple space houses billions upon billions of single-celled wonders actively transforming our finest creations everyday. Explore this extraordinary side of Agrarian with us and join our journey...

Root Cellar Release

Explore Agrarian's barrel aging and wild fermentation program with the release of two of our finest Root Cellar offerings: Brevity and Eärendil. With almost 40 unique wine and spirits barrels, we have many remarkable and complex multi-year projects at various stages of their natural evolution. Join this exploration of wonder with us.

   All of us at Agrarian are thrilled to announce the official launch of our Farmentation Bottle Project kicking off March 17th, 2018 - St. Patrick's day! This inaugural release features the first two unique offerings in what is an amazing ongoing series precisely focused on our farm-to-beer roots. Join us on this continual exploration as we capture in elegant 500 mL bottles the passion that drives us to toil in the fields where we grow beer.

   Agrarian Ales endlessly appreciates the support our community and beyond has provided us throughout the years. With our tasting room substantially re-configured and so many people and businesses asking how else they can help, we have released a special offering and created our Appreciation & Support beer project. Check it Out!

   Tuesday, Lane County published their response to our statement. Public outreach has put pressure on the county to give us the permission we need to operate and keep our business alive.  While we appreciate the response from the county, we would like to point out some specific details and correct the record that they have indicated. 

Agrarian Ales Coming Soon!