Agrarian Ales endlessly appreciates the support our community and beyond has provided us throughout the years. As a rustic farm-based brewery in rural Oregon we have encountered many unique challenges. Most recently, a sudden bureaucratic examination, largely triggered by our increasing popularity over the last five years, and related to operating in a 1940s era dairy barn, has resulted in a substantial adjustment to our beloved countryside tasting room. All of our patrons must now remain outdoors and we can no longer provide farm-to-table wood fired pizza.

   Your love of what we do and what we represent to the community, has successfully prompted an active focus of county officials and state legislators to begin resolving the issues at hand. Agrarian exist because the community we live in, the county we work with, and the state of Oregon as a whole is comprised of wonderful, amazing people. Thank you!

   With our tasting room significantly re-configured and so many people and businesses asking how else they can help, we have created our Appreciation & Support beer project.

How It Works:

   We have released a special Saison-style beer called Farmhouse to kick it all off. Farmhouse weighs in at 7.5% abv and is made with local and organic rye, oats and wheat. Fermented with a distinct Belgian yeast, this uniquely Agrarian offering combines notes of creamy oats with nuances of vanilla and earthy rye malt spice.


   When a taphouse or restaurant puts Farmhouse on tap we will post that below so you know where and when you can get a pint of it. If you have a favorite watering hole, let them know about our project so we can connect and get our beer there. 

   We will keep a real time list below to pay appreciation to those businesses that look to pour and participate in this special release.


   The support we receive from you comes simply from you seeking out and drinking our special beer release of Farmhouse. The more places that participate, the more people will be able to drink Agrarian in support of the Agrarian. And of course, you can find Farmhouse out at our farm, so come join us. Thank you and we appreciate the support!

On Tap Now At:

Wild Duck Cafe  1419 Villard St., Eugene