Beyond The Unique

   Beyond the unique beer we regularly craft for the diverse patrons of taphouses, bottle shops and local grocery stores exists a vibrant world of offerings from a much deeper point of our brewing knowledge and philosophy. In this place the nuanced web interconnecting everything Agrarian propels a unique and focused brewing exploration of incredible ingredients, procedures and styles that inherently lend themselves to rare and exceedingly limited releases. We developed a Beer Club to share in the experience of these distinctly passionate creations - providing a convenient program to connect those who seek such delights from our artisanal farmhouse beer minds.

Artisanally Hand Crafted

   At Agrarian we embrace historic farmhouse brewing traditions by holding true to crafting what we do by hand. Bridging off the rustic hands-on nature of our brewing system, and the fact that every estate-grown hop cone we brew with is picked, dried and baled by hand, every limited Grand Farmhand Society bottle is hand bottled and labeled, and each of the labels are individually hand stamped and numbered. This non-mechanized approach provides a level of connectivity not only for what resides in the bottle, but also for what's presented outwardly. We enjoy building each of these beers individually all the way down to their final package.

What To Expect

   In addition to incredible and rare Agrarian beer, membership in the Grand Farmhand Society entails unique merchandise, Grand Farmhand apparel, exclusive club event invites, discounts at our brewery and tasting room, and access to purchase exclusive extras of particularly rare releases. Discover the details: Grand Farmhand Society

   Each curated released from our beer club represents our most exquisite Agrarian offerings for that season. To provide a snapshot of 2018, here are a few examples of previous Grand Farmhand Society club releases:

Cosmic Oblivion - Port Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong - 12.4%

   Our Belgian Dark Strong ale is designed to be a decidedly brawny beer, pushing the boundaries of both flavor and alcohol. As a traditional Belgian Abbey style, this beer is constructed with a robust Belgian yeast strain, a select blend of rich caramel malts, a mild grip of herbal hops, and a firm dose of honey to provide a boosting and balancing local fermentable sugar source.
   Our variation on this classic style involves an extended sabbatical in an incredibly unique bourbon barrel that previously held fortified port wine. With rich aromas of chocolate, vanilla and wine, Cosmic Oblivion has a smooth velvety mouthfeel that floats across the palate with notes of anise, cinnamon, brown sugar, toffee, raisins and black cherry, atop a sweet, incredibly earthy malt backbone. The finish is soothing and contemplative for a beer of 12.4% ABV, with a rounded, soft fruitiness from the alcohol, oak and dark malt.

Distinction - Barrel Aged Bière de Garde - 8.4%

   With virgin contact on freshly planed Rye Whiskey barrel heads and resurfaced barrel staves, this lager-fermented Bière de Garde has patiently aged in newly revealed Missouri white oak for nearly 6 months. Our house-reconditioning and removal of the heavy char and about ⅜ inch of the inner oak surface effectively extricated the depth of wood that becomes saturated and neutralized with the barrel's previous contents. We chose to recondition Barrel B-1 for its particularly tight grain, indicating a higher proportion of porous early growth wood, yielding a greater extraction of vanilla, coconut and caramel.
   The origin of French Bière de Garde (beer to keep/store) is similar to that of Belgian Saison. They both share a seasonal and provisional kinship, being born and brewed on farms when conditions were admissible and farm fresh ingredients abundant. As nourishment and reward to thirsty farmhands, these two styles provided for and sustained the agrarian lifestyle.
   Crafted with a generous grip of organic biscuit malt atop a base of floor malted pale, deep toasty layers fold deftly into the creamy wood texture and distinct character readily derived from American oak. Adding the dimension of the wooden barrel as an ingredient lends new imagination and structure to further the complexity of this classic farmhouse style.

Gus - Gin Barrel Aged Belgian Golden Ale - 13.2%

   This substantial creation of significant proportions matured in Old Tom gin barrels for 30 months before bottling. The essence of gin (juniper berry, cumin seed, coriander seed, angelica root and citrus peel) has been exquisitely extracted from the porous oak to elevate this strong Belgian golden ale to a plateau of sheer extravagance. Layers of oak spice loom over this fortifying elixir’s distinctly expressive Belgian yeast profile, yielding an experience that evolves from gin to barrel to strong golden ale as you slip deeper into the glass.
   The impetus behind this wonder arose through a desire to push our brewery’s limits and see where those extremes might integrate with extended barrel aging. What resulted illuminates an incredible journey in time and flavor that we are thrilled to share. If desired, this beer will age well for many years in the bottle.

Hedgehog Mushroom Märzen - 6%

   We have recently developed a curiosity for seemingly similar characteristics of macroscopic and microscopic fungi. In seeking a delicious way to bridge these two distinct worlds in beer, our approach involved exploring complementary and synergistic flavor and aroma qualities.
   Our Hedgehog Mushroom Märzen is the result of wild-harvested mushrooms collected back in March. Upon arrival, these mushrooms were immediately dry-sauteed to release the flavorful liquid inside. We then combined the wilted mushrooms and all their liquid with our lager-fermented Märzen and let them marry for nearly 7 months at cellar temperature.
   Our elusive goal was to catch the smell and taste of walking through a deciduous forest just after a light rain. As ephemeral as this experience might seem, we think we have caught some essence of that in our Hedgehog Mushroom Märzen.

Join Us

   If you have interest in experiencing and exploring the fine tapestry of farmhouse beer emerging from the Agrarian Grand Farmhand Society you can learn more and join our quarterly beer club for 2019 by signing up through our website: Grand Farmhand Society. A wonderfully unique craft beer adventure awaits...