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Bottled Ales

Kettle Sour Beer Line

Dew Drop

Agrarian Ales

Kettle Sour made with Meyer Lemon  - 6.6%

This zesty sour exudes luminous layers of lemon and lactic acid zing for an exasperatingly bright and refreshing sensory experience. Dry-hopped with Agrarian-grown Meyer lemon peel and crystal hops, Dew Drop drinks smooth and fluffy with a balancing addition of organic oats. Taste the sparkling condensation on the morning grass within your mind...


Agrarian Ales

Lichtenhainer Smoked Ales - 3.8%

This barrel aged mildly smokey sour ale harkens back to a lower-gravity historical German wheat beer originating in Lichtenhain (central Germany). The height of this style's popularity was towards the end of the 1800s. Consider the style of Lichtenhainer as a pre-1840 Berliner Weisse. Explore an experience from the past...


Agrarian Ales

Kettle Sour made with Rye and Honey - 6.7%

With a hefty dose of rye malt this sour ale reaches back to an essence of classic pumpernickel bread. Caramelized honey and fresh cut fennel flower combine to add nuances of sweetened anise to this tangy sour ale. This beer is built as an artisanal reflection into what is meant by “liquid bread”. Drink your bread...


Agrarian Ales

Kettle Sour made with Spruce Tips - 5.5% 

Dry-hopped with estate grown crystal hops and fresh spring spruce tips harvested right outside the brewery windows; this sour blonde emanates layers of lemon zest and pine essence. This beer is like having lemonade on a rainy day somewhere deep in the woods of the Northwest while watching the tree nymphs zip around and frolic amongst the treetops.

Farmhand Saison

Field Bier

Agrarian Ales

Farmhand Saison - 5%

Field Bier defines our sense of place out in the countryside doing what we do. From our farmhouse brewery to our hop and vegetable farm, we are all farmhands turning the cogs of this unforgettable experience. Intentionally created as a simple, defining beer for inspiring reflection after a day of working in the field, Field Bier is: organic Belgian pilsner malt, French saison yeast, Agrarian nugget hops and fresh well water.