Connecting With Our Community

At Agrarian Ales, we take pride in our connections with our community. We often connect with our local farmers to source unique crops we do not grow ourselves for special select offerings. Our beer is a reflection of what we grow and what the Willamette Valley can provide. 

Keep an eye out for our "Helping with Hops" fundraising events throughout the year where we donate a dollar for ever beer sold during the time of the event to a local non-profit organization. Help us support and contribute to these hard-working and inspirational organizations! 

Find us on tap and in bottles throughout Oregon at locations that carry independent artisanal beer.

Agrarian Ales would not be the farm based business we are without our local community of farmers and friends. These amazing, hardworking growers offer the freshest ingredients in Oregon, and we are so thankful to have them at our doorstep. Get to know your local farm community, it's one of a kind!

Don't miss us pouring beer at the Lane County Farmers Market every Saturday from 9:00am-3:00pm during the season.

Crossroads Farm

The chiles, tomatoes, squashes, herbs, and other produce surrounding the property are the heart and soul of our creations in the kitchen and in the brewery. With Crossroads farm as our parent farm, the fresh bounty of produce that we have on our doorstep from the Tilley family truly keeps this brewery and tasting room going.

Camas Country Mills

Camas Country Mills provides an incredibel selection of heirloom grains that have been utilized to diversify the portfolio of our beers' excellence.

Jacobsen Salt

Harvested from the pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, we use their pure salt in in our unique take on the classic German Gose style and in some of our more exciting sours.

The Mushroomery

A year round source for a vast array of wildcrafted and cultivated fungi…shiitake, oyster, chanterelle, and boletes…oh my.

Honey Tree Apiaries

Our good friend Ethan works as hard as his bees do, and his honey is truly unique. Setting hives all over the southern valley and coast range, including the fields surrounding the brewery, Honey Tree specializes in varietal honeys, where the bees are concentrated on one or two types of pollen. You’ll find it in our sodas, beers, and on the menu occasionally to pair with a fresh cheese.

Mckenzie River Farm

Home of Organic Redneck, purveyors of the ultimate farm life. The tastiest blueberries and heirloom melons from this farm go into a majority of our fresh summer sodas at the brewery. 

Rivers Turn Farm

Our neighbors John and Marsha have been tending their land organically for over 30 years. They have incubated and helped many realize their dream of farming in this wonderful valley. We source pears, apples, plums, and other carefully grown delights from less than a mile away to create truly local offerings representative of our local terroir.

Glory Bee

Our bottled kettle sour beer Aristaeus is made in collaboration with their Save the Bee Foundation. We utilized blueberry honey from Glory Bee to add a delightful balance to this exquisite offering.

Agrarian Ales
Agrarian Ales