Regular Hours: OPEN Friday 3-9pm  Saturday 12-9pm Sunday 12-9pm

Food Trucks for 8/17-8/19: Fri- Sammitch & Darkside of the Q  Sat- Sammitch & Darkside of the Q  Sun- Sammitch & Darkside of the Q 


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Regular Hours: OPEN Friday 3-9pm  Saturday 12-9pm Sunday 12-9pm

Food Trucks for 8/17-8/19: Fri- Sammitch & Darkside of the Q  Sat- Sammitch & Darkside of the Q  Sun- Sammitch & Darkside of the Q 

31115 Crossroads Lane West

Eugene, OR 97408

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Agrarian Team

Agrarian Ales

Nate Tilley, Co-Founder & Lead Brewer

Back in his early twenties, while studying mathematics and philosophy at Oregon State University, Nate developed a serious passion for homebrewing in his garage. With a fervor to understand all aspects of the world of brewing, he attended the fermentation science classes offered at OSU and joined the team at Corvallis Brewing Supply to manage the homebrew shop. Before too long, 10 taps poured "Nate Brew" out of 3 kegorators in his garage. At this point it seemed natural to transition to a more professional operation. Over the years, Nate and many others have helped shape Agrarian into what it is today. Nate built the brewing system still in use here at Agrarian, while spearheading many other creations of necessity you see around the grounds, from the hop baler to the merchandise cabinet in the brewery.  

After wearing many hats at Agrarian, from construction to experimentation to operation, Nate has transitioned from brewery development to farm and project management and back. This gives him a unique perspective from which he can view the brewing process as a complete whole from rhizome to bottle. Now firmly in place where the passion behind the inspiration all began, Nate is leading the brewhouse upward and onward. As such, he continues with intention to explore the cusp of interesting and historic brewing styles and techniques while seeking to incorporate ingredients grown on the farm and wild-harvested.

In his spare time, Nate enjoys spending time with his two children - camping, at the beach, spending time in the garden, or anywhere else in the beautiful state of Oregon. Nate also loves woodworking and renovating his family’s home. 

Agrarian Ales

Jenna Simonson, Tasting Room Manager

As Agrarian’s Tasting Room Manager & Events Coordinator, Jenna has been instrumental in helping create the down-to-earth, friendly vibe at Agrarian. Promoting the ‘Farmily’ of employees we have here at Agrarian is a big part of why she’s such a highly-valued member of our team! Jenna grew up on a farm near Philomath with three brothers. Together, they made tree forts, rode horses, went hunting and ran around barefoot while snacking on blackberries, apples, and filberts. 

Jenna studied Ethnobotany, Mycology, Biology and Fine Arts, and worked for Wilt Farms and Shonnard’s Nursery before being hired by Agrarian in 2015. Jenna has been involved in nearly every aspect of Agrarian Ales; the farm, the Tasting Room and also as a brewery assistant.

Jenna is passionate about Homebrewing, and has been brewing at home for a little over seven years. Jenna specializes in kettle sour style brews. She is interested in living life as sustainably as possible, preserving & fermenting all types of food and beverages, gardening, farming, ethnobotany, edible mushrooms, hiking, camping, fiber arts, painting/drawing as well as family & friends. Jenna’s favorites: Color - Orange, Smell - Orange, Flavor - Orange!