The nuanced web interconnecting everything Agrarian propels a uniquely focused brewing exploration of incredible ingredients, procedures and styles that inherently lend themselves to rare and exceedingly limited releases. We developed a Beer Club to share in the experience of these distinctly passionate creations - providing a convenient program to connect those who seek such delights from artisanal craft beer minds.

Hidden within our brewery's walls exists a room kept at a precise 74 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, without exception. This simple space houses billions upon billions of single-celled wonders actively transforming our finest creations everyday. Explore this extraordinary side of Agrarian with us and join our journey...

Root Cellar Release

Explore Agrarian's barrel aging and wild fermentation program with the release of two of our finest Root Cellar offerings: Brevity and Eärendil. With almost 40 unique wine and spirits barrels, we have many remarkable and complex multi-year projects at various stages of their natural evolution. Join this exploration of wonder with us.

   Agrarian Ales endlessly appreciates the support our community and beyond has provided us throughout the years. With our tasting room substantially re-configured and so many people and businesses asking how else they can help, we have released a special offering and created our Appreciation & Support beer project. Check it Out!

   Tuesday, Lane County published their response to our statement. Public outreach has put pressure on the county to give us the permission we need to operate and keep our business alive.  While we appreciate the response from the county, we would like to point out some specific details and correct the record that they have indicated. 

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

      On Friday February 23 two Lane County officials arrived unannounced at our brewery.  At the close of the official business week and the beginning of our busy weekend, these officials were delivering a message: after five years of operation the county had revised its interpretation of our business, and we were no longer permitted to allow the public under the overhang of our building.  When advised of the impact that this action would have on our business the county officials offered no leniency or clear course of corrective action. Because of the timing of their visit, we had no recourse; all offices were closed, all officials who could work with us on solving this problem were off for their weekend.  They were effectively shutting us down.


Agrarian Ales