Eugene's Farmhouse

Eugene's Farmhouse Brewery

Agrarian Ales Brewing Company is an authentic farmhouse brewery located just north of Eugene, Oregon and right in the middle of the beautiful Willamette Valley.

We grow 100% of the hops used in our beer, along with a wide variety of crops grown by Agrarian Ales and Crossroads Farm such as berries, produce, herbs, and chili peppers. Our goal is to make great beer using as many organic ingredients as we can that are either grown by us or by others in our local community.

Since brewing operations began in 2012, we have solidified our position as one of America’s most unique breweries. We firmly believe that beer tastes better when it’s brewed in a barn on a farm!

Organic, Holistic, Sustainable Brewing

Oregon is home to many amazing craft and microbreweries, and we are fans of many of them. But we take a different approach at Agrarian than almost every other brewery. Our focus is on using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible in our beer and food, rather than on developing signature flagship beers that we can consistently produce year round. As a result, we simply are not interested in, or focused on, what has become the industry standard for beer production.

By growing every hop used in our beer ourselves and by primarily using ingredients that come from within a 50 mile radius of our brewery, we have developed an organic and deeply local approach to brewing our beers.

Our hop yards are more than 10 years old now, and we grow more than 15 different varieties using all-organic practices. Every beer we make is made with organic malt and specialty grain.

Each year Agrarian Ales celebrates our bountiful hop crop with our annual Hop Harvest Celebration which brings community members of all ages together to help pluck the bountiful harvest. With the help of our family, friends, and community, every individual Agrarian hop is hand picked. We use every hop cone we grow to brew our farmhouse-style beer.  

If you’re interested in joining the hop harvest festivities, you can find more information on our Farm Fun page.  

Intentional Variation

Among big name breweries, consistency is one of the most important factors to production. At Agrarian Ales Brewing Company, we strive for what we like to call intentional variation. This means that there is always some level of variability between our batches of beer. Rather than try to limit this variability, we fully embrace it.

Every batch of beer we brew is unique, so if you haven’t visited in awhile, come by and try our new selections!

Farm. Drink. Family. 

While we’re a brewing company by trade, we want visitors to our tasting room to experience so much more than their beer. Our family and dog-friendly beer garden features 18 rotating varieties of seasonally inspired beers, a playground, and three acres of open space to enjoy lawn games, the company around you, and breathtaking views of the Willamette Valley.

Yes, we want you to come enjoy our delicious local beer and scenery, but we also want you to come listen to great live music, catch up with loved ones, or just get away from it all and relax for a few hours.

History of Our Farmhouse

As our name suggests, our brewing operation is strongly rooted in farming culture. In fact, our seven-barrel brewery resides inside a converted dairy barn which was originally constructed in 1941.

Agrarian was founded by two brothers, Nathan and Ben Tilley, whose family moved to Crossroads Farm in 1985. The Tilleys grew up with an understanding, appreciation, and attachment to organic and sustainable farming practices.

After having grown up and moved away, the brothers returned to their familial farm in 2007 and planted 50 hop plants. The Tilleys used their hops to experiment with their own homebrews. After years of experimentation, research, and study, Agrarian Ales Brewing Company opened its doors in 2012. With a passion for using organic ingredients, Agrarian Ales wanted to show how local, organic practices can be just as successful as more conventional approaches.

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