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Golden Scottish Ale - 6.6%

Gentle, rugged and pastoral elements wonder gracefully through every glass of Lowlands, providing a spectrum of soothing invigoration for these cool wintry nights. Upon separating the first fraction of sweet free-run wort from a mash of organic English floor malt, we vigorously boiled this rich portion for over 4 hours to caramelize it before returning it to the full batch. Crisp malt layers of toffee and brittle integrate beautifully in this cool-fermented golden copper treat of unassuming depth and character.


Yellow Plum Kettle Sour - 5.5%

Zig-zagging from tart plum fruit to toasty pilsner malt, Prunella is a delightfully schizophrenic sour built to instill a brisk recognition into the similarities of plum skin tartness and kettle sour lactic acid. Bright, full and oddly contemplative for a beer built of simple farm fresh ingredients and a mix of complex microorganisms. Prunella is awaiting your discovery...

Honey Cloud

Pre-Prohibition Cream Ale - 6%

A billowing honey character floats out and condenses just above the glass forming an aromatic cloud lined with toasty pilsner malt and clean yeast doughiness. With a stiff hop footing, this pale straw Pre-Prohibition wonder exemplifies the crisp, thirst-quenching libations of yore.

Plowman Porter

Robust Porter - 6%

The rain is falling, the plows are stored and its time for our Plowman to reflect with a satisfying pint of dark nourishment. Smooth and creamy layers of cocoa depth transition to distinctive chocolate and coffee notes as an overall bittersweet flush encompasses your psyche. Seek out the Plowman for delightful guidance into the nuanced cultivation of your beer drinking mind.


Frambozen (Raspberry Brown Ale) - 6%

Saturated with Agrarian-grown red raspberries, Farmbozen integrates soft cocoa malt notes with layers of luscious raspberry luster. Exuding aromatics of fresh plucked raspberries, this medium-bodied velvety smooth delight finishes dry with a satisfying fruit tartness. We hope you enjoy the truly emergent eloquence of layering beautifully ripe hand-picked fruit on the stage of Agrarian brown ale comfort.


New Harvest Hop Farm Pale - 7.1%

Straight from our in-house hop drying room we collected heaps of Nugget and Mt. Hood cones at their pinnacle of freshness to drop them directly into this brilliant showcasing of farm-to-glass. An additional dry-hopping with more freshly dried Mt. Hood hops sealed the deal on creating this beer's uncommonly crisp and bright hop profile. From earth to bine to cone to glass, Earthbine is a true Hop Farm Ale!

Super Chile

Thai Chile Sour Red Ale - 5.7%

Spicy caramel notes permeate this kettle-soured red ale infused with Crossroads' Thai chiles. On the palate, the vibrant lactic acid tartness tempers the gripping Thai chile spice, enabling the bright chile fruitiness and smooth toasty caramel a chance to serenade you to the finish. For all those chile heads out there, it's time to behold the Super Chile...

Gnome Gnectar

Belgian Ale with Coriander - 6.6%

A distinctive earthy citrus aroma soars from the glass in this captivating coriander-infused fantasy. The playful interplay of organic pilsner malt, Agrarian-grown Challenger hops, Brewery Achouffe yeast and crushed coriander creates a definite sensory enchantment worthy of gratifying our resident hop gnome. Pure herbal alchemy...

Fairy Serum

Cedar Tip Amber - 6%

Infused with vibrant spring growth Cedar tips from our farm’s beergarden, this mythically spirited amber ale enchants with a deeply resinous character of cedarwood, organic biscuit malt, and Agrarian Chinook hops. With all the Vitamin C packed in Cedar tips, Fairy Serum will truly give you wings...


Märzen Lager

The Agrarian Festbier is a full amber lager cool-fermented in the winter months so as to condition until release in celebration of Spring/Summer. Unleashing a rich malty-sweet aroma backed up by a fresh perfume of spicy/herbal Perle hops, this incredible offering is here to remind you of the beauty finely crafted beer can provide.

Richard Fuggle

Wet-Hop English Pale Ale - 7.1%

With a canvas of toasty English malt, this English Pale Ale is layered with the truly classic earthy, herbal brightness of wet and fresh Agrarian grown Fuggle hops. We gathered up the fuggle hops during our hop harvest festival from our generous community of hand-pluckers minutes after their removal from our hop yard. The hops were incorporated into this beer primarily after flame-out in our hop-back to capture the most essential oil aromatics possible. We then dry-hopped with another hefty load of Fuggles on the cusp of dryness gathered right out of our hop drying oast.

Field Bier

Farmhand Saison - 5%

Field Bier defines our sense of place out in the countryside doing what we do. From our farmhouse brewery to our hop and vegetable farm, we are all farmhands turning the cogs of this unforgettable experience. Intentionally created as a simple, defining beer for inspiring reflection after a day of working in the field, Field Bier is: organic Belgian pilsner malt, French saison yeast, Agrarian nugget hops and fresh well water.

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