Regular Hours: OPEN Friday 3-9pm  Saturday 12-9pm Sunday 12-9pm

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If you’re in the Eugene area don’t miss this farmhouse brewery and bring Fido. Tasting room is open Friday 3pm- 8pm, Saturday and Sunday noon-8pm. The tasting room offers 12 rotating concoctions along with food, popcorn, and sodas!

Local beer, local food- I mean, does it really get any better than that? And when I saw local, I mean really local. Like twenty mile radius local- and when "farm to table" is only a few steps away from each other, you know it's a unique place. This brewery/restaurant is giving a new meaning to local food, and its name is Agrarian Ales.

Q&A with Ben Tilley

Hello, my name is Ben Tilley, and I am the president of Agrarian Ales, a farmhouse brewery and family gathering place in Eugene Oregon, and I’m here to happily announce that, with the help of HatchOregon, we have completed our CPO, community public offering raise of $95,000, and are ready to get started on construction and moving forward with our projects.

Agrarian Ales out of Eugene, Oregon, is offering public shares in the farmhouse brewery under a new state law in order to expand. Perhaps Oregon’s most truly “farmhouse” brewery, Agrarian grows 100% of its own hops 98% of the ingredients used on the menu at the tasting room and in the brewery’s beers, from herbs and spices to fruits and vegetables. 

I enjoyed my drive along the curvy roads heading out into the country; the windows down and the music cranked.  I wondered what I would find at Agrarian Brewery as I passed beautiful fields of corn, and stacks of hay baled 6 high, 8 wide and commanding attention.

Brewpublic Review

Over the weekend we visited Agrarian Ales in Coburg, Oregon to sample some farm fresh beers. This unique farmhouse brewery just outside of Eugene, Agrarian features brews made with farm-grown ingredients like estate hops, chile peppers, and regionally sourced honey. Agrarian even makes their own proprietary sodas including a yerba mate chile one and one made from raspberries, lemon balm, and honey. Simply delicious.

Agrarian Ales Coming Soon!