Agrarian Ales on the Oregon brewery bucket list! Down on the farm….the farm that makes it’s own beer. 

Honestly does it get better than this?!?


I’ll go ahead and answer that question….Yup, yes it does,  it actually gets way better!


Don’t believe me?!?! Read on!
Agrarian definition: relating to cultivated land or cultivation of land.

Add that to beer and you get….

Agrarian Ales


We got word of this farm-to-table Brewery from the website Travel Oregon.

We’ve been using the site a lot on this trip. For anyone traveling throughout Oregon this is a great place to start building your trip.


Here is one of their write ups on Agrarian Ales and other breweries in the Eugene area.

Then we read the Yelp reviews which were amazing…but let’s be honest the deciding factor was…drumroll please..LEMON FRIENDLY!!!!! You know me anywhere Lemon can go wins in my book.


No, Lemon didn’t turn into a big dog, but this is a friend she made at the brewery.
The brewery was amazing with our furry four legged friends. The dogs were welcome on the patio and the people at the brewery just seem to adore the animals that come through the front door. Lemon and her other friends got so much attention at the brewery.

Alright now it’s on to the beer.


We sampled roughly 7 types of beers before we settled on our favs. I ended up going with a sampler because I just couldn’t choose one!


In my beer flight..

  • Clairvoyance: Tart Wheat w/ Clary Sage Flowers – 4.7%
  • Libertine: Apple Ale – 7%
  • The Challenger: Special Bitter 4.8%

The really amazing thing about the drinks offered at Agrarian Ales is that a majority of the ingredients going into the beers are directly from the farm.

For example the apples for the Libertine Ale were picked and pressed right here on the farm. And they grow the hops right here as well! What?!?! So awesome.

They also use unique ways of brewing their beers from brewing in old wine barrels or adding different and strange ingredients. (Poblano chiles, herbs, pumpkins, beets, the list goes on.)


A lot of their beers are very limited in quantity, the selection changes often, and some beers are only available at the brewery. So you kind of feel like you are a part of a small hip club when you visit the tasting room.


Here is a link to more of their tasty beers.


Couple other cool things about Agrarian Ales.

The Staff


They are passionate about the beer and passionate about genuine customer service. An extremely friendly group of people run this brewery and they make you feel like you’re at home. You think you’re going to come in to taste a couple beers and hours later you’ve made some new friends and are learning about this unique farm Brewery!

The Scenery


Sometimes being on a farm can be extremely peaceful. With no big buildings, large crowds of people, or noisy city life you can simply relax. There’s tons of land to set your eyes on and that can be very welcoming. It’s exciting to step out of a city and be surrounded by this. The brewery also has many regulars that ride their bikes to sample the new beers. It truly has that home on the farm feel and slightly reminded me of being back in Ohio!

The Fun


The patio has games, like jumbo chess and giant Jenga, for people to play while they’re sipping their beers. There is also a playground outside for the kiddos. You come for the beer and stay cause you must win one freakin game of chess!


So if you’re in the Eugene area don’t miss this farmhouse brewery and bring fido. Tasting room is open Friday 3pm- 8pm, Saturday and Sunday noon-8pm. The tasting room offers 12 rotating concoctions along with food, popcorn, and sodas!
Adventure awaits!!!

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