Local beer, local food- I mean, does it really get any better than that? And when I saw local, I mean really local. Like twenty mile radius local- and when "farm to table" is only a few steps away from each other, you know it's a unique place. This brewery/restaurant is giving a new meaning to local food, and its name is Agrarian Ales.

Agrarian Ales is tucked away past Coburg, just off of Coburg Road. It's safe to say that this place makes a big impact on people, including General Manager Todd Perlmeter.

"I did not start Agrarian Ales...Agrarian ales started me," Todd said, before starting to laugh.

Todd watches over a brew house, beer garden, an open-air kitchen, and more. Agrarian Ales exists as a little alehouse oasis in the countryside.

"So, we are a really rare business, to where we are a brewery, we are a restaurant, and both of those things rely 100% on our farmland," Todd said.

Agrarian Ales is a hyper-local business, so to speak. Most of what you chow down on and drink is grown right there on the property- or within twenty miles. You can see it for yourself in later summer, when the hops are ready for harvest.

"It is trying to use as much as we can that we can grow here, and if we don't, if we can't or choose not to grow it here, we want to source direct from local farmers," Todd said.

They plan their menu around what they find in their farm, like this simple but delicious open-faced sandwich, with fresh tomatoes grown about thirty feet away.

"What our farm produces it what we use for our food and our beer, and we like to say that we're an ingredient driven cuisine," Todd said.

Ingredients that go into things like their wood-fired pizzas. This one, called the Bounty, has acorn squash, balsamic onions and crushed hazelnuts. Or this Chef chicken jalapeno pizza, getting toasty in the oven. And Todd says this attention to agriculture is part of what makes the brewery so special.

"Where it's food and it's beer. And what we want to do is educate to bring those two together, but the food and beer pairing is a new thing we're really trying to perpetuate and educate," Todd said.

Todd says his long-term goal is to grow everything on site. And while that dream is a ways away, Agrarian Ales still holds true to its name.

Agrarian Ales
31115 W Crossroads Lane
Eugene, OR 97408
(541) 954-6484

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