Archived Ales

Afternoon Splendor - English Country Side Ale - 5.8%

Quite ideal for a delectable substitution for the modern-day adult. To be enjoyed in instances such as in the morning with a freshly cracked hard-boiled egg or with afternoon tea in place of your biscuit however, we have yet to discover a proper way to make a cucumber sandwich with it, but why bother. Also, great as a slightly herbal yet crisp refreshment why you are pit pit cherioing through the grass field.

Cosmic Luster - Gose du Saison - 4.4%

The North Star will help guide you through the adventure found in this farm house Gose. Sailing on a ship, nothing is better than the smell of the salty sea air as it splashes lightly across your face. You will find this same sensation with the Jacobson Sea Salt addition. The slight hint of coriander will remind you of your time in port visiting the orients, it’s place of origin. Feeling crisp and refreshed as you call to your first mate to raise the sails.

Cobblestone - English Amber with Lavender - 5.3%

On a cobblestone side street freshly wet from passing intermittent rain clouds you discover a fleeting floral aroma that readily soothes the senses. With hints of lavender in the nose and a running minerality, you drift into a memory of wonderment and bliss. Your journey seems to fade right into the toasty malt ale in your hand. You become the beer before you.  

Daydream - Belgian Oatmeal Pale Ale - 6.0%

For a day of laying in the field watching the dinosaurs form in the clouds, making daisy chains, and forgetting about the troubles of the world. The Belgian yeast gives this brew a nice backbone to hold up the light sweetness from the oats while you drift off into a poof of bliss.

Herbon - Farmhouse Amber with Pedron Chiles - 4.5%

Music is playing, people are dancing and kids are playing in the river as you stand in your open-air kitchen preparing your special dish for the pepper festival. In celebration, you take a sip of this sweet temptress amber that seduces your mouth with a bit of heat paired with a great pepper zing. Not too overwhelming so you can still enjoy all the flavors of the day, but leaves you desiring the tango it does with your tongue.

Golden Sunburst - Kolsch - 5.0%

Slaving away in the field all day is tiring work. While husking corn, you allow you mind to slip into a daydream to help pass the time. You start to think of a simpler time when poodle skirts were the hip thing as you and your new steady take a drive with the roof down to the county fair. The smells of the field intertwine with the fresh smells of roasted corn on the cob you are enjoying as you decide which ride you want to go on next.

Alluvium - Oatmeal Stout - 5.9%

In celebration of the bounty of local farms here in the Willamette Valley we present this creamy stout made from Lonesome Whistle Farm’s Streaker Oats.  We use these silky smooth oats raw, mill them coarsely, and add them directly to our organic malt mash with dark roasted barley.  After some moderate additions of Nugget hops for bitterness and aroma, this beer has a crisp bitter punch to back its sharp roast flavors.  Lots of dark roast coffee flavor, with a silky body and firm bitterness.

Dew Drop - Lemon Peel Sour - 5.2%

Like “Waking up as the rooster’s crow and stepping out of the yurt standing on the porch while taking a big deep breath as you watch the sun peaking over the cascade mountain range glistening off the fresh dew that’s covering the grassy field in front of you as you stretch out your arms and embrace the day knowing it is one to look forward to” that.

Pitchfork Pale - Dry Hopped Farmhouse Pale - 6.3%

Find yourself hankerin from a mighty thirst? Go visit the scarecrow, as he has with him this full mouth refreshing brew. With the fortitude of English yeast this beer will give you a mouthful of goodness and stimulate your palate with the slight bitterness and aromas of hops grown on our farm. Will leave you thinking “Ahhh fuggle, I think I’ll have anutter”.

Gnome Gnectar - Belgian Pale with Coriander - 7.0%

While prepping the fields for spring, we had noticed tiny footprints leading towards the barn. Curiosity led us to follow the trail which led to the far side of the herb garden, where we found a group of Gnomes laying around and laughing in a patch of coriander. By their side sat tulips filled with an intriguing liquid. After a thimble size taste we found amazement in the gripping herbal essence. It was apparent that the Belgian yeast had faced the Challenger of a hop and won itself a golden Nugget delight. Perfect for fading away into the breeze of a warm summer day.

Equanimity - Barrel-Fermented Honey Pale - 6.8%

With a dance of estate clary sage honey, layers of toasty malt, and barrel fermentation, this pale ale was an experience of sweet woody malt delight. Freshly emptied Levelle Pinot Noir barrels provided notes of fruit while the clary sage herbal nuances floated by the finish.

Anthos Blossom - Rosemary Cream Ale with Raspberries - 5.0%

Rosemary, with it's aggressive herbal intensity, was carefully dosed into a base of creamy toasted malt with a subtle brightness from our estate raspberries. The elusive herbal fruit notes played well with the smooth palate beneath.

Crystalline - Belgian Hop Farm Saison - 7.1%

The addition of estate corn lightens the color and body of this beer to provide a crisp finish highlighting the floral brightness of Crystal hops. A substantial balance is struck between the spicy phenolic and clove esters provided by Belgian Saison yeast and the floral citrus presence layered in with Crystal dry-hopping.

Oak in the Field - - 0.0%

Bourbon Barrel Aged Field Bier - 5%

The clean canvas of our Field Bier is a beautiful medium to explore the addition of fruit, herbs, or, in this case, barrel. Aged in a Stein Distillery bourbon barrel, this farmhand saison is now layered with oak tannins, vanilla, and hints of bourbon barrel char. Enjoy exclusively at Agrarian's taproom.

Rustic Charm - - 0.0%

Barrel Blend Pale - 7.5%

Wood and earth collide in this strong pale build from a blend of three distinctive creations: a barrel-aged Belgian pale ale, a strong farmhouse spelt ale, and a Brettanomyces fermented blonde. As this fusion opens up in the glass the initial notes of tropical fruit tartness readily evolve into an enticing dusty farm funk. Substantial, yet crisp, every continuous sip of this beer seems to provide something new to explore.

Wet Wit - - 0.0%

Wet-Hopped Belgian Wit with Kaffir Lime Leaf - 5%

With a bright and tropical Kaffir lime aroma, this Belgian Wit is geared for refreshment. The heavy use of wheat makes for a light and doughy malt body that hints at orange-flavored wet hops and a light dose of coriander. This wit epitomizes the “crushable” moniker! 

Rope Swing - - 0.0%

Brett-fermented Wild Ale - 6%

Brettanomyces is a type of "wild" yeast (Brettanomyces means “British fungus,” having been discovered early on as a spoilage organism of some English ales). Unlike Saccharomyces cerevisiae (conventional or "domestic" brewing yeast), the flavors you might get from a Brett-fermented beer are particularly distinctive, with an emphasis on funkiness, spice, earth, and a bit of tartness.

The bright lemon citrus notes of our Sorachi Ace hops coalesce with the nutty and dusty contributions of Brettanomyces to yield a astounding sensory adventure. As this wild ale opens up in the glass, the experience evolves into a more tropical setting with overtones of pineapple and mango. This Rope Swing is truly a wild ride for the contemplation of those maverick beer drinkers!

Pomme Fantastique - - 0.0%

Norwegian Orchard Ale - 5.3%

With our own in-house cider press, and an abundant selection of apples and pears from our neighbors at River's Turn Farm, we make fresh cider at our brewery every year. This years first orchard release is Pomme Fantastique... This Norwegian saison is a dance of complex fruity esters from a farmhouse yeast, bright herbal notes from our estate Mt. Hood hops, a toasty pie crust background from organic munich and rye, and a sweet apple roundness from fresh pressed cider. A true delight for reflecting on and celebrating the harvest season. 

Sorceress - - 0.0%

Belgian Rye Saison - 7%

With an aroma of black pepper and herbal zest, this rustic Belgian saison seeks to beguile your senses into its spellbinding Dark Northern rye spice and crisp clove finish. Dry, woody, and delightfully earthy – a concoction of wizardly transcendence…

Ukon Julah - - 0.0%

Nordic Blonde - 6.4%

In homage of the early farmhouse brewing in Northern Europe, we created this brilliant blonde ale with a distinctive Nordic yeast blend. Isolated from spontaneously fermented apples on a remote island off the coast of Denmark in the fall of 2009, this culture is a unique blend of three yeast strains (two belonging to Saccharomyces cerevisiae and one Torulaspora delbrueckii). Crisp and bright, with complex notes ranging from clove and earth to pine and fruit, the yeast character resembles that of a Belgian saison crossed with a German weizen.  Unique, interesting and delightfully rustic!

Destinesia - - 0.0%

Continuously Hopped Red Rye Ale - 7%

Beware: Upon first approach, the aggressively resinous and piney hop character from our Chinook hops explodes from the glass with an intensity that's been observed to cause disorientation and a feeling of destinesia. Do not fret, for this initial blast is readily balanced by the layered malt depths of toasty rye spice and full-bodied munich malt complexity.

The method of continuously hopping involves the addition of hops every few minutes for the last 60 minutes of the boiling process. We used an immensity of Chinook hops to achieve this. This beer is not for the faint of heart.   

Igneous - - 0.0%

Grisette Style Steinbier - 6%

In the Middle Ages, hot stones provided one of the best means of conducting heat for the process of brewing beer. This involved superheating stones over fire before placing them into a wooden vat of mash or wort to heat and ultimately boil the beer. The resulting brew became known as steinbier – German for “stone beer”. With access to locally quarried basalt stones and our own massive in-house wood-fired oven, we decided to give this old-world process a whirl. We used red-hot head-sized stones to heat the mash and to intensely caramelize the sweet first-runnings in the boil. The beer itself is a Grisette style (French miner beer) with a heavy dose of organic wheat malt. Rich layers of light caramel pervade the aroma and flavor with an underlying smooth mouthfeel and full body.

Henrietta - - 0.0%

Bavarian Hefeweizen - 5.5%

This southern German style wheat beer has a fluffy light body and pleasant bread dough flavor from the significant addition of organic wheat malt. The use of German wiezen yeast produces a vibrant clove characteristic with underlying hints of candied banana. Soft yet lightly zippy on the tongue, Henrietta is quite a quaffable and flavorful wonder that never ceases to satisfy. 

Zwiesel - - 0.0%

Bavarian Dampfbier - 6.4%

Dampfbier (German for “steam beer”) is an all-barley ale, medium-bodied, very gently hopped and fermented warm with a Bavarian Weissbier yeast. This beer style is now considered an oddity but used to be fairly common up until the late 19th Century. Historically popular in southeastern Bavaria (one of the poorer regions of Germany) - where wheat was considered much too precious to be used in beer. Additionally, lager beer-making, which requires careful temperature control, was also out of the question for these Bavarians. Out of these limitations was born the Dampfbier, the Bavarian commoners barley ale.

Zwiesel showcases the unique clove and spice notes from a traditional Weizen yeast combined with the bready maltiness of Munich malt. Think of this beer as a lightly rich amber with German wheat beer overtones.

Ghazanfar - - 0.0%

Dark Dandelion Saison - 6.6%

Every year we host a work party geared for digging up and collecting dandelions on our farm. The gnarled dandelion roots are roasted in our kitchen's wood-fired oven until they are black and brittle. Once roasted, dandelion roots transform from a milky bitter flavor to that of toffee, coffee and dark chocolate. Ghazanfar is infused with the ground roasted dandelion roots as well as the fresh dandelion leaves and flowers. As aromas of dark coffee combine with Belgian saison fruitiness, a smooth cola-like malt body slides into a toasty cocoa finish.