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Taplist & Food Trucks on the Farm


Heart Medicine

Da Pils on Nitro - 5.5%

This is our Da Pils (Czech Pilsner) on Nitro. Enough said. Come check it out... (Only available at our Tasting Room)

Dew Drop

Kettle Sour made with Meyer Lemon  - 6.6%

This zesty sour exudes luminous layers of lemon and lactic acid zing for an exasperatingly bright and refreshing sensory experience. Dry-hopped with Agrarian-grown Meyer lemon peel and crystal hops, Dew Drop drinks smooth and fluffy with a balancing addition of organic oats. Taste the sparkling condensation on the morning grass within your mind...

Super Chile

Thai Chile Sour Red Ale - 5.7%

Spicy caramel notes permeate this kettle-soured red ale infused with Crossroads' Thai chiles. On the palate, the vibrant lactic acid tartness tempers the gripping Thai chile spice, enabling the bright chile fruitiness and smooth toasty caramel a chance to serenade you to the finish. For all those chile heads out there, it's time to behold the Super Chile...


Kettle Sour made with Spruce Tips - 5.5% 

Dry-hopped with Agrarian-grown crystal hops and fresh spring spruce tips harvested right outside the brewery windows; this sour blonde emanates layers of lemon zest and pine essence. This beer is like having lemonade on a rainy day somewhere deep in the woods of the Northwest while watching the tree nymphs zip around frolicking amongst the treetops.


Golden Raspberries Saison - 5.6%

Fresh plucked golden raspberry aromas waft gracefully from this unfiltered Saison crafted with organic wheat malt and a balancing dose of vibrant Agrarian Crystal hops. The wild-fermented Agrarian-grown Anne golden raspberries lend bright and refreshingly complex floral flavors of fruit and acid atop a restrained Belgian yeast earthiness.


Belgian Oatmeal Pale Ale - 6.3%

For a day of laying in the field finding dinosaurs form in the clouds, making daisy chains, and forgetting about the troubles of this funny world. Belgian yeast gives this pale ale a pleasing brightness that floats across your palate with the fluffiness of organic oats and wheat malt while you drift off into a poof of bliss.

Gnome Gnectar

Belgian Ale with Coriander - 6.6%

A distinctive earthy citrus aroma soars from the glass in this captivating coriander-infused fantasy. The playful interplay of organic pilsner malt, Agrarian-grown Challenger hops, Brewery Achouffe yeast and crushed coriander creates a definite sensory enchantment worthy of gratifying our resident hop gnome. Pure herbal alchemy...


Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Pilsner - 5.5%

Wine essence and oak barrel structure integrate with a certain zeal in this delicately crafted pilsner, providing a complex sensory adventure uncommonly found in such an innocent beer style. Emergent elegance results...

Da Pils

Czech Pilsner - 5.5%

Born in the historic city of Plzen (or Pilsen) in the western side of the Czech Republic, this beer style arose in the 1840's when incredibly light colored, indirectly kilned pilsner malt first became a readily available ingredient for brewing in the region. Da Pils is made with 100% organic Dingemans pilsner malt, Agrarian grown Ultra hops, our unaltered farm well water, and a delightfully crisp lager yeast. With a crystal clear bright golden color, Da Pils emanates a spicy floral hop profile up front riding through to a refreshingly crisp straw malt finish.

Barrels of Passion

Barrel Finished Passionflower - 7.2%

We took our latest Hop Farm Pale exploding with a stunning character of passion fruit, guava, orange, mango and juicy grapefruit and finished its secondary fermentation and beyond for two months in three select wine barrels. Discover how a touch of soft French oak can elevate, compliment and illuminate the fresh expression this beer is all about.


Brown Ale - 5.4%

This exceptionally crisp mahogany brown ale is crafted with a solid foundation of organic English floor malt, biscuit and chocolate malts, and a healthy balance of Agrarian Goldings hops. The true brilliance of this offering as a defining style provides an example of independent artisanal craft beer at its finest. Drink Dirt!


Hop Farm Pale with Nugget Hops and Rye - 7.2%

Infused with an immensity of our ever-prolific Agrarian Nugget hops, Rufus permeates the senses with an intensely satisfying flush of ripe melon, tart grapefruit and bright herbal hop zip. An addition of organic rye malt adds a nuanced dimension of earthy spice complexity, rounded out with a full, crisp body and a balancing bitter finish. Delve into the luscious brilliance that is Rufus and experience our glorious estate Nugget hops at their finest...

Fairy Serum

Cedar Tip Amber - 6%

Infused with vibrant spring growth Cedar tips from our farm’s beergarden, this mythically spirited amber ale enchants with a deeply resinous character of cedarwood, organic biscuit malt, and Agrarian Chinook hops. With all the Vitamin C packed in Cedar tips, Fairy Serum will truly give you wings...

Field Bier

Farmhand Saison - 5%

Field Bier defines our sense of place out in the countryside doing what we do. From our farmhouse brewery to our hop and vegetable farm, we are all farmhands turning the cogs of this unforgettable experience. Intentionally created as a simple, defining beer for inspiring reflection after a day of working in the field, Field Bier is: organic Belgian pilsner malt, French saison yeast, Agrarian nugget hops and fresh well water.

Food Trucks on the Farm

Agrarian Ales Coming Soon!