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Authentic Farmhouse Ales

At Agrarian Ales Brewing Company, brewing delicious beers from locally-grown ingredients is our passion! We grow 100% of the hops used in our beer, and the majority of our ingredients come from a 30 mile radius around our farm. Learn more about our brewery, and come visit us soon!

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Agrarian Ales
Agrarian Ales Agrarian Ales Agrarian Ales
Agrarian Ales
Agrarian Ales




1. relating to cultivated land or the cultivation of land. synonyms: agricultural, rural, rustic, pastoral, countryside, farming.


1. a person who advocates a redistribution of landed property, especially as part of a social movement

2. farmlife

Agrarian Ales
Agrarian Ales
Agrarian Ales Coming Soon!

Support Agrarian Ales Through Kickstarter

   Agrarian Ales is a year-round operation: farming, harvesting, brewing, barrel aging, bottling, distributing, and servicing our community and beyond at our tasting room.

   As it stands right now, we are strictly an outdoor venue - the county will not let us let you under what was our tasting room roof for the last 5 years. We could not have anticipated this sudden bureaucratic shift necessitating our building a new tap room structure, and we have no budget for this unanticipated operational upheaval.

   You support us by gathering at the farm on warm, pleasant days. Now we need your help, please support us with your contribution to our Kickstarter Campaign so you can gather at the farm in any weather.

   It is vitally important to get the momentum of this project started now if we are to reach a point of sustaining our primary revenue stream into the change of season after this spring and summer.

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1 May 2018